Cyborg Utopia

.images-76.jpg.poster.gif.atdrawing2.jpg.Der Tod ist nur ein ungel√∂stes technisches Problem:::.weishaupt_illuminati.jpg.640188462_64405ea3f7_o.jpg.www_brmovie_com.gif.exploring_dystopia_logo.jpg.2942_app_nai.jpg.“Where Utopia is the land of dreams, Dystopia is the land of nightmares. Today, most sci-fi tales are depictions of chilling, dehumanised societies. Star Trek seems to be the only remaining defender of Utopia”.:::.361298778_a1359781e2_o.jpg.5p01j2ifb2v4ufrx7je2ijdizup2mqg.jpeg.blade_runner-3.jpg .

‘K√ľnstlicher Mensch’


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  • A magazine devoted to neo-gonzo, borderline journalism and armchair cyberanthropology. Reporting from and from beyond the edge.