“….cyberpunk is dead to begin with. There is no doubt whatsoever about that. Old cyberpunk is as dead as….Cyberpunk‘s dystopian future is now, everywhere and never-where and all points in between..Cyberpunk? That was now, but this is then.”///gyrobase/austinchronicle.


“This is the developer blog of John D. Karlgren (well, me!), creator and programmer of a yet-to-be-named cyberpunk-themed online massive action/roleplaying game.”


“We left the emerald construct and wandered the matrix, more clueless than ever. Everyone was frightened of what virtual beasts they may encounter. Did they think about what it would be like to jack out and find that the witch had nulled your credit chip? How about if the witch fingered you as a compatible neuron donor to be used for spare parts in the brain rejuvenation of an impossibly rich German technomogul?”//netfunny::TheGuruOfNews

“The Garden of Tian Zi is “kind of difficult” to explain, Huang said. A cyberpunk story set in Western China in the near future, Huang said he tried to write The Garden without a specific theme.
He did incorporate a nanotechnology, or atomic-level science, theme but largely favored character-driven elements instead, he said.”//centralfloridafuture


“The World needs leaders because we have so many problems we must solve in the 21st century. At KAIST, we call these problems by the acronym “EEWS”. The first E represents energy; the second E stands for environment; W for water; and S for the sustainability of nature and natural resources. These are challenging problems that must be solved during your lifetime. KAIST is investing in ideas and devoting its scarce resources to make critical contributions toward solving these challenging problems of the 21st century.”//KAIST


Kawitzky describes his film as “a cyberpunk’s search for consciousness”.//mail&guardian


Cognition Factor (the movie), is a full-blown CGI/3D construct, a new way of presenting word, picture, music and opinion as visual language.//deoxy

“The project searches for answers to age-old questions in a time of profound technological change. With his future eyes turned towards Earth, Schwann seeks expert advice from thinkers around the planet.”//lovolution



“On this page you should find all available videos on Neocron and its successor Neocron 2.”//rpgplanet

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